Trading Our Life…


In 2015, my husband and I decided we were tired of the rat race and knew there must be more to life than this. We decided to embark on a journey to “trade our life”. The life we would trade was that of the typical working couple – alarms going off at 5 am, dressed, groomed, making a quick protein shake and rushing out the door by 5:30am with commutes around 1.5 hours – one way. We hated it. It was time to trade this “life” for a completely different “life”.   That life was the life of financial independence!

We decided that the freedom of our time and the luxury to spend it in our own way was worth much more than the ability to buy nicer cars, an expensive house, trendy wardrobes , dinner at high-end restaurants, or extravagant trips. What we loved was each other, our family, and the flexibility to live in the true calling and purpose for our lives. These things can be quite difficult to do when 10+ hrs. of our day are consumed by work and long commutes.

Mr. TOL has always had a knack for numbers and finds great enjoyment in studying and analyzing the stock market. I’ve always had a passion for helping people and find great enjoyment in reading about others who have found their way to Financial Independence from smart investing and a frugal life style.  We decided to merge our interests together and start this blog.

We hope our blog will help others by providing helpful financial tips through real life experiences of investing, saving, and resourcefulness to meet our financial independence goals. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you and hope to see you at our final destination of Financial Independence!






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